Alone in a Crowded Place

Published September 7, 2013 by hikarujean0618

Added: I wrote this last January 23, 2013. Surprisingly, i had this feeling of loneliness early this year.

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you feel so alone, despite of being surrounded by people? Well I did! I’m the type of person who’s easily been misunderstood by my parents, friends,and my boyfriend. They judge every single thing I do, and the sad part is… I’m getting lonelier and lonelier each day.

First, my parents think I have the baddest attitude compare to all of my sisters. I do everything to be good at something that they will be proud of, but I think my best wasn’t good enough. I will always be cast aside by the shadows of my sisters. Being the middle child, its really hard for me to take my place in the family.

Second, my friends… I always thought that my friends are my sisters with different parents. My best friend is getting married and I feel that everything will be change forever. No more hanging out, no more silly jokes, no more friends that you can hang out with when I’m alone because she will have a new life to prioritize.

Lastly by my boyfriend, I miss him so much! He’s my neighbor but despite of living so closely with each other. We didn’t see as much as other boyfriend and girlfriend. He didn’t hold my hand in public unless I insist. He gets angry whenever I ask some time from him. Yesterday we went out on a date, but i feel so distant from him. As if, he just want our date to get it over with.

My heart is swelling up right now. My tears are falling down every time I sense that nobody wants me, I’m trying so hard… all i want is someone to love and appreciate me despite of my short comings. All I have is a tiny bit of hope that someday they will love me for who I am.

Added this September 7,2013: Last July 5 my boyfriend broke up with me for some strange reason that he cannot explain. He broke up with me via text and phone call, he didn’t have the decency to tell it straight to my face. Then recently i found out that he has been seeing/dating this girl while still in a relationship with me. But up until now he’s still denying that he cheated on me. Anyways, it’s in the past now. I thinks its for the best, I don’t need a guy who doesn’t have the guts to face life as it is without constructing lie after lie.

For my best friend, I’m happy for her… For real… =)

For my parents, i take back whatever things i complained about. Because in times of needs they are the one who’s there to help me back on track. And I love them for that!

I might tell the whole story on my next post. (As if anyone cares?!) hehehe

Till then…


A Yakitate Weekend: Bakery Fair and Cake Decorating Expo 2013

Published February 21, 2013 by hikarujean0618

I never been so excited since I planned my vacation to Boracay or when I won the HTC phone at RX 93.1.  Well this is not those kind of excitement, it’s about my passion of eating and baking bread and cakes.  This weekend (my most awaited weekend) February 21-23, 2013 FCBA or Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association will held the 7th International Exhibition on Baker, Confectionary, Food service, Equipment and Supplies at World Trade Center, Pasay City.


Next is the 4th Goldilocks’ Cake Deco Expo, where baking enthusiast like me can actually take part in cake designing and learn from the bakers of Goldilocks’.  This will be held on Sunday, February 24, 2013 at SMX at SM Mall of Asia. The hosts of this event will be  the three notable DJs of FM radio, my favorites, Chico, Delamar and Gino of The Morning Rush!!!

cake deco

See you there! =)

Think a Loud: Miss Judge

Published February 14, 2013 by hikarujean0618

WARNING: I post this out of frustration, I just need to let out some of it. Do not read if you don’t want to read my rants.

Have you ever experience being misjudge by other people, saying things that you haven’t done and then when you fight back to defend yourself, they will twist the whole story to make it look like they were the victim and you are big antagonist?

I always thought that this kind of scenarios only happens in high school, but i learned that the hard way.  It is more rampant in the work place, and much worst.  I couldn’t imagine myself being subject to this kind of things, were I can’t defend myself because I was judge poorly.  I am tired of telling other people my side of the story because they’re mind has already been clouded by other people’s cruel intentions to ruin my life.

Hopefully everything will turn out how it supposed to be.


Crinkles Surprise

Published August 26, 2012 by hikarujean0618

Here are the Crinkles I baked over the long weekend, it’s tasteful and chewy perfect for Christmas gift.  Though I still need to improve on the packaging, but still… it’s worth to try.


Surprise your love ones this coming Christmas

Blog Again

Published July 15, 2012 by hikarujean0618

It’s been  a while since I posted my last entry for this blog.  I really miss blogging,so from this day on BitterSWEET Hot Pineapple is back for good.

Ang Mga Babae… by Raquel Mae Llorca Trinidad

Published October 1, 2011 by hikarujean0618

I read this on Facebook, and I find it really funny because its true… so hope you enjoy reading thing as much as I did.

Credits goes  out to Raquel Mae Llorca Trinindad =)

1. Moody: Inborn na sa mga babae to. Kung badtrip kami, wag …niyo nang sasabayan.

2. Pag sinabi naming nagtatampo kami, lambing lang katapat: Yung salitang tampo way lang namin yun para sabihing lambingin niyo kami. Konting I love you niyo lang, okay na kami.

3. Gusto namin yung palagi kaming kino-compliment: Pag may bago sa itsura namin, gusto naming mapansin niyo. Kasi nakakataas ng self-confidence namin yun.

4. Pag napansin niyong naging sersyoso yung mga text namin, may mali: Kapag ganun, may nagawa kayong di namin nagustuhan. Kaya be alert. Kapag sinabe naming wala, meron talaga. Nahihiya lang kami. Kaya pilitin niyo kaming sabihin sa inyo. At pagtapos naming masabi, konting lambing lang. Back to normal na ulit.

5. Selosa kami: Kaya iwasan niyong makipag harutan sa ibang girls. Lalo na sa harapan namin. Pero may ibang babae na tahimik lang kung mag-selos. Inoobserabahan lang kayo. Pero kapag napuno, simula na ng away.

6. Kaming mga babae, normal lang ang ma-attract sa mga gwapo: Hanggang tingin lang kami. Kasi hindi naman na namin makikita ulit. Ma-attract man kami sa 1M lalaki, ang puso namin ay para lang sa tunay naming mahal. Ganun din naman kayong mga lalaki. Kapag nakakita ng maganda at sexy. Magaling lang kayong magtago.

7. Kaming mga babae, pinagmamalaki namin yung mga mahal namin ng hindi nila nalalaman: Katulad nalang sa mga GM (Group Message), Facebook at TUMBLR.

8. Ayaw namin sa mga manliligaw na nagmamadali: Yung tipo ng mga lalaking laging nagtatanong kung kailan ba namin sila sasagutin. Naiirita kami. Kaya dapat maging matiyaga kayo kasi dun namin nalalaman kung sino talaga kayo.

9. Kapag malungkot o tahimik kami, gusto namin ng yakap galing sa inyo: Kasi iba yung pakiramdam kapag hawak niyo na kami. Gumagaan yung pakiramdam namin. :”>

10. Gustong gusto namin yung mga lalaking malaki ang respeto samin: Yung tipong pag ayaw namin magpa-kiss, hindi niyo gagawin. Instead, lalambingin ka na lang sa ibang paraan. Ang pinaka gusto naming kiss, kiss on the forehead. It symbolizes, respect.

11. Ang nagpapa-turn on samin ay yung lalaking protective: Yung kapag kasama namin kayo, feeling namin safe na safe kami. Walang mangyayaring masama at hindi kami ilalagay sa panganib.

12. Ayaw namin sa lalaking hanggang text lang: Kung mahal niyo talaga kami, patunayan niyo sa personal. Wag yung sa text lang kayo magaling. Magpaka-lalaki kayo!

13. Sobra kaming natutuwa sa mga lalaking ma-effort: Yung kahit walang special day, feel mo eh special ang araw araw niyo. Kasi sobrang nakakatuwa kapag ang lalaki laging nagpuput in ng effort. Feeling naming babae eh, isa kaming prinsesa.

14. Ang pangarap naming mga babae yung ipapakilala kami ng mga lalaki sa kanilang mga barkada at lalo na sakanilang pamilya: Feeling namin kami na yung pinaka maswerteng babae sa mundo. Kasi iilan lang ang lalaking naglalakas loob ipakilala kami sa parents at barkada nila. Yung iba kasi nahihiya. At feeling din nmin angkin na angkin na namin ang isang lalaki dahil nakilala na namin ang mga taong bumubuo sa buhay niya. 🙂

15. Magaling kaming mag-pretend: Kapag nasasaktan kami, nagpapaka-manhind kami. Kapag may nakitang di maganda, nagbubulagbulagan kami. Kapag may narinig na mali, nagbibingibingihan kami. Pero kapag mag-isa nalang kami, dun kami naglalabas ng sakit. Dun kami umiiyak. Kaya ang pangarap naming lalaki is yung sensitive enough sa mga nararamdaman namin. Yung kayang magtanong hanggang sa umamin kami.

goodnyt .. ♥