Escape to Paradise (part 1)

Published May 26, 2011 by hikarujean0618
The most anticipated summer getaway of the year.  Since I started working as an HR, I haven’t got the chance to travel, relax and get away from the pressure in the office.  My last vacation was in Batangas with my co-teachers back in 2008 and from that day I forgot how to relax and get loose.We, my 2 BFF and I, planned this vacation for almost 3 months.  To tell you honestly, this kind of trip was really an impossible plan for us due to the conflicting schedules, financial crisis or other problems that might surface.  At first, we want to have a vacation in Boracay, but we thought that Bora is so crowded during summer (and we’re right!) and then we decided to go to Caramoan in Camarines Sur.
We made our reservations with tourist agency, and luckily we got a cheap package (you can visit, complete with itinerary, lodging and food.
This is my very first plane experience and I hope this is just the beginning of all my
travelling luxury.

3 comments on “Escape to Paradise (part 1)

  • hi jeany…

    shes one of those person that will never get tired of listening sa redundant at actually wlang kwenta kwenta mong problem..hehehehhe..

    she will always be at your side khit in ur face n ikaw ang bitchy…thats a hell of a friend db…

    missing our YUM OH BONDING! hope to see you soon and eat more soon…stop your diet when your with me oki?

    missing u girl..muah!

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