Escape to Paradise: Cagsawa Ruins Day 2

Published May 27, 2011 by hikarujean0618

I woke up at around 3:00 AM (excited kasi masyado) to check on my notifications (FB). I was really excited on our itinerary for the day. My 2 best friend woke up at around 4:30 am, and then we had our free breakfast in the restaurant at around 6:00AM.  I was a bit disappointed cause our breakfast was a typical breakfast meal such fried rice, fried egg and hotdog/corned beef. But who am I to complain its FREE (bawal ang choosy)

Travelling to Naga City to Legaspi

I really love this photo, I took it while we were travelling to Legaspi,  I love the way the sun shines on the leaves cause for me it’s like symbolizing peace and relaxation.

 And then from far away we saw this mountain that stands out to the other mountains because of its perfect cone.  And we realized that we were actually looking at The Mayon itself.

After 1 and a half hour of travelling we arrived at Cagsawa Ruins, but we still have to a tricycle to actually see the famous Cagsawa Ruins.  And then when I saw the Mayon, it literally took my breath away.  I cannot believe that I am looking at her, since I only saw her in my textbooks so I cannot believe that she is beautiful. It’s just unfortunate for us that the clouds were starting to cover the volcano, but still she is gorgeous.

Since we are such narcissistic bunch of psychs, we took the opportunity to have a lot of pictures as possible.

After all the “photo shoot” we shop around the park and we bought some pasalubong (such as pili stuff, bag, t-shirt, and etc.) and other things that we might need in Caramoan. Then we got tired and hungry so we had our lunch in one of the carinderia and we ordered authentic Bicol express, and ginataang ampalaya.  To top it of, we ordered mango shake and it’s really refreshing. I love it!

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