What I Have Learned in Life #1

Published May 27, 2011 by hikarujean0618

“Life is like a grand maze, no matter which path you chose, there is only one exit and that is death.  So go on and wander around the maze and cherish everything that happened, love all the people who you can love.  So when you finally see the exit, you know that you live your life to it’s fullest.”- hikarujean

I first come up with this mentality back in college, my professor in Philosophy asked the class to make a daily journal about our lesson and how it affects our belief, perspective and what not.

The first lesson was the meaning of Life.  We discussed the different views of Greek Philosophers such as  Plato, Aristotle, Cynicism, Stoics etc. By learning these views, I came up with my definition of life wherein Life is like a grand maze. We will travel this huge maze wherein we will meet lots of fork in the road, meet different people who will accompany us in the journey or will just pass them by. Nevertheless, they will have an impact on our lives.  After all the wandering we’ve been through, we will all end up in the finish line which is death.

I remember my best friend in work contradicts this . He said, “What if  the person decides to kills himself, do you think he finish the maze?” at that time I didn’t respond because I don’t want to give him a lame answer because he likes contradicting things and I hate debate. So I just let it pass and answer the question when I found the right words.

A few months after this conversation, my best friend died (or its better to say our FRIENDSHIP ENDED). It left me devastated, I can’t believe that in just a snap everything changed.  A good friendship ended… DIED in a worst thing that you can imagine.  After a lot of crying and thinking, I remember our conversation and it hit me with an answer. When a person travel around the maze he will meet a lot of obstacles, dead ends and fork in the road. Which in comparison with life, we have problems that seems so hard to bear, that we might feel that we have nowhere to go or we have this big decision that we have to choose between right or wrong that will lead to success or fail in life. We will meet all these but in the end we will just die.  And even if the person kills himself, he just quit the maze and have himself disqualified.  Everything and everyone will die, we should just live our life to the fullest so that in the end we will not feel regrets that we should have done this and done that.

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