Escape to Paradise: Sail Away to Caramoan (day 3)

Published May 28, 2011 by hikarujean0618

We knew that the 3rd day is the start of the real adventure.  We checked-out in CBD at around  4:30 AM so we can avail the first boat trip to Caramoan.  A few weeks back, Maridel (the promoter of this trip) told me that in order to ride the boat we have to be carried by the porter to the boat itself. I mean literally BUHAT SA BALIKAT scenario… Of course I was a bit insecure cause of the weight and everything… It’s not that I’m overweight or fat, but the idea of someone carrying me on their shoulder bugs me and the fact that I cannot even balance on my two feet.  Do they really expect me to balance on someone else’s shoulder?! Hell NO?!… So I prayed to God and all the saint that please let there be a transportation contraption. And then God answered “let there be a portable ramp” and there you go folks! No carry-me-on-your-shoulder thingy.

It took us 1 and a half hour of sea travel from Sabang port to Guijalo port. In my opinion it was a smooth sailing despite of the slight rain, but when we reached the Guijalo port the rain slightly stopped and our tour guide was waiting for us.

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