Escape to Paradise: Walk through West Pen Villa (day 3 part 2)

Published May 30, 2011 by hikarujean0618

We arrived at Guijalo port at around 7:40 AM, the port or rather the people in the port were quite chaotic in my opinion.  Since everyone was busy with their luggage, the porters were really persistent in “helping” the tourists with their luggage.  Fortunately for us our tourist guide named Ely, help us with our huge luggage.  He mount our bags at the back of the tricycle, and off we go to the West Peninsula Villa.

photo courtesy of westpen in multiply

It took us 30 minutes from Guijalo to West Pen, it was a feel good villa.  And personally, I feel that we were lucky that the tourist agency assigned us in this place.  Because the place is homey, our cabin was clean, although on our first night we have to “igib” our water but still we hardly even noticed.  Aside from that the food that they serve was to die for! I really enjoyed eating their every meal.

To give you some tidbits of the place, here are some of the photos taken (*disclaimer: some photos are courtesy of westpen’s multiply).

In front of our cabin there is a pool table, so after the island hopping you can also relax with this. Aside from that the entire villa has a free wi-fi access! So you can upload immediately the photos taken during the island hopping or just update your Facebook. Actually it’s a good thing that there’s wi-fi access, since the Sun Cellular and Globe cannot reach Guijalo, you can notify your family on what’s happening.

There is a little bar behind the cabin area, where visitors can drink and sing with videoke.  Or if you want a little homey drinking session you can just order some drinks and bring it to the cabin just like what we did. =)

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