Stop Smoking Policy: Is it Another Ningas-kugon Thing?

Published June 10, 2011 by hikarujean0618

When President Noynoy Aquino declared the No Smoking Policy in the Philippines last June 1 2011, I was really happy cause at last I can walk into the street without inhaling a huge amount of smoke coming from a cigarette.  I’m not against smoking but I am against in irresponsible smoking.

The MMDA deployed their men and women on the street to implement the No Smoking Policy to support the Smoke Free Philippines campaign.  Quoting the “The MMDA officers, along with Chairman Tolentino will also inspect all loading and unloading areas in the Metro to arrest those who smoke in public vehicles.”

The sad thing is some smokers are so hard-headed, aside from that they are also disobedient and rude specially when you’re coughing your lungs out.  I had this experience again this morning on my way to Makati, I was riding a jeepney and this man who sits beside me, smokes inside the moving vehicle.  Then it started raining so the “tarapal” was pull down so we don’t get wet, but the nerve of this man!  He still continue puffing his cigarette as if his life depends on it. I can’t hardly breath and I was observing the other passengers, and they were really uncomfortable with the situation.  So I cannot hold myself any longer, I asked the guy if he can stop smoking at least in the jeep.  And then that freaking guy told me to SHUT UP and how “maarte” I was.  As if on que, I lost the last string of patience I have for him, and the teacher in me starts to lecture him about this and that of the no-smoking policy.

Aside from this incident, the side-walk of Makati is till covered with cigarette smoke.  I know that Makati is pack with call center agents, graveys or what not.   But still, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

I just hope that the government will really impose the law they signed and debated.  It is not just a “pauso” kind of thing.  And to all the citizen of the Philippines have some discipline.  If we want change then we should start from within.

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