Escape to Paradise: The Islands of Caramoan (day 3 part 3)

Published June 14, 2011 by hikarujean0618

This is it!  The Islands of Caramoan… after our breakfast at WestPen we were off to the port of to start our island hopping adventure.  The weather seems a little moody, there was a shower of rain here and there but nothing life threatening.  Since I’m not a true nature girl and since this is my first time, I’m quite nervous when we sailed to the isle of Lahos, because of the huge wave we have to surpassed.

By looking at the sea, I realized how lucky I am to have this opportunity to see the God’s creation.  I’m not being religious or anything but the world is magnificently created . I never seen a sea that is so clear , I thought I was on to the other side of the world. The water is clear, sometimes green and the jaw-dropping aqua blue. Aside from the sea the islet really took my breath away.  Honestly I was quite intimidated on the massive rocks, it’s quite eerie cause the islets are like staring at me for intruding their solitude.

 The beaches in Caramoan has white and fine sand, so for those people who don’t want to get their feet full of scratches then Caramoan beaches are for you.  I’m really picky when it comes to choosing a beach because I not the outdoor type of girl, so I don’t like the idea of stepping on a sea urchin or the idea of sea weeds and sea snakes touching my skin.  Surprisingly, the different beaches of Caramoan doesn’t have jelly fish, snakes and the sea weeds are intact in the sea floor. (THANK GOD!)

So we enjoyed the scenery and the islands…

We ate the authentic Bicol Express which really fill-out our hungry tummies… In this island there is a lagoon where a big bangus inhabits.  According to the island legend, before there were 2 white, almost transparent looking bangus that lives in the lagoon.  The locals said that the bangus are not supposed to leave the lagoon because they are the keepers of Caramoan.  And then one fisherman went down the lagoon and fished-out one of the bangus, then he ate it together with his family.  After this the family was curse and died.

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