Single and Proud

Published June 16, 2011 by hikarujean0618

I am single for a year and 3 months now, my first ever boyfriend dumped me and marries his ex-girlfriend for the reason that he found his peace of mind when he proposed to her (he proposed using my phone during our monsary). I was depress, angry, and emotional at that time. That was my first real heartbreak for goodness sake! And the sad part for me was, my ex-boyfriend was also my best friend.

Yes! My BFF!

My comrade in every battle.

The one person who knows my dreams.

And the one person I trusted the most.

HE betrayed me

Spread rumors against me

Left me in my worst

and broke my heart.

Why do I have to relieve this a-year old issue?

To learn…

It’s been a year but I can still feel the pain, I can still hear his voice breaking up with me, and ranting those silly words of lies.  But I analyzed this whole thing and it dawn to me… I don’t really need him in the first place.  I realized that all this time, I was enclose in this bubble that is filled with lies and illusion that pushed me to think that I am nothing, unworthy and pathetic girl.

Now I know better. He is WRONG.

I don’t need a man to define who I am!  I almost ditched out the real me back then, the girl who’s not afraid of doing new things, who’s not hesitant to say what she thinks and the girl who’s full of dreams.  I’m so glad I am through in that mess, because now I revived the ME that I know.  In addition, I am now more mature and stronger.

I just wanted to share this to girls like me, so they can learn from my experience… somehow…

I am not a perfect girl, or a perfect lover.  But I give my best to love, and since its not enough for that particular person, then maybe I was giving it to the wrong one.

For all those singles and heart-brokens out there, don’t sulk if you haven’t found your other half.

Don’t be afraid to be single, this is the perfect time to improve yourself, learn new things, explore the world and meet new people.  You might be amaze of what you can do as solo.

Be with your friends and family… they are your support group… and of course God as your shield.

Don’t ever think that you are unworthy of love or not even worth fighting because one person’s opinion doesn’t define you.

Someday you will meet your prince… (and not the frog…)

That one person…

who will love you for who you are…

and who will fight for you against all the odds.

So for now…

Wake up! Stand up! and Smile!

Then say…

I am Single and Proud! =)

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