Daddy’s Day out: Food Lover’s

Published June 20, 2011 by hikarujean0618

Since it’s Father’s Day, we cannot end this day without actually celebrating it, even on our own simple way.  Earlier we went to the mall to buy some clothes and kitchen utensils (since I’m so into cooking), we dine in Barrio Fiesta to celebrate daddy’s special day!!!

We just ordered a family meal, which has a very delicious dishes:

(mama chit+seafood kare-kare+rice+soda)+lechon kawali= full tummy =)

Since it is affordable which is suitable for 4-5 pax and at the same time all the dish we want to try-out are there, we decided to try this out.  For only 1,200 PhP you can enjoy this meal at Barrio Fiesta.

I really enjoyed eating Seafood Kare-Kare, I like the texture of the sauce cause it’s not in your face kind of taste.  Honestly, I am not a fan of Kare-kare at all.  Because I am a little bit confused with the taste, but when I tasted the seafood kare-kare, it feels like heaven (for me at least).  I like the way  the different seafood mixed together to make this dish.  Someday I hope I can replicate this ^-^.

The Mama Chit was served in a medium-sized  bilao that has onion rings, fried potato, fried banana dipped in bread crumbs, grilled tilapia, lechon kawali, tempura, another grilled fish, lumpiang toge, lumpiang shanhai, tofu and egg-plant.  I tasted some of the dish in this but unfortunately I can’t eat it because of my splint and braces, so I just settled for the soft food.

See how they enjoyed it?!

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