The 5th Doppelganger

Published July 11, 2011 by hikarujean0618

On my most confusing week I met the deadliest Doppelganger of all, atleast for me…

I got on the jeepney on the way to my interview, and when I sat down there was this “person” who sat beside me.  I didn’t give a damn who he/she is… but when I paid for my fare I was stunned to see the least person I wanted to see…  I rudely stared at the person to see if this is really Voldemort (let’s just hide the person by this name)…  I looked at the hands, arms, nails and the nape just to make sure that Voldemort is not Voldemort…  It freaked me out just to think that Voldy is in my hometown…

Until now I’m not sure which is which… but one thing I know is… the dementors are back to hunt me…

Let’s see if I can conjure my patronus…


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