Think a Loud: Miss Judge

Published February 14, 2013 by hikarujean0618

WARNING: I post this out of frustration, I just need to let out some of it. Do not read if you don’t want to read my rants.

Have you ever experience being misjudge by other people, saying things that you haven’t done and then when you fight back to defend yourself, they will twist the whole story to make it look like they were the victim and you are big antagonist?

I always thought that this kind of scenarios only happens in high school, but i learned that the hard way.  It is more rampant in the work place, and much worst.  I couldn’t imagine myself being subject to this kind of things, were I can’t defend myself because I was judge poorly.  I am tired of telling other people my side of the story because they’re mind has already been clouded by other people’s cruel intentions to ruin my life.

Hopefully everything will turn out how it supposed to be.


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